USB Extender Cable (USB-A Male to USB-A Female Extension Cable)

USB Extender Cable (USB-A Male to USB-A Female Extension Cable)

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Want your USB Port at your fingertip?

Want to use a USB Port with full functions (because a USB Port from a Hub may not perform full function)?

Here this cable is a solution as it is a USB male to USB Female cable with 100cm (1meter or 39 inches) which allows you to bring your USB port to your fingertip especially if you are still having your USB Ports at the end of your desktop.

- Make your Dock Cable longer enough for your connection

General FEATURE(S)
- Optimum Length: 1meter (or 3 feet 3 inches)
- USB 2.0, downward compatible with USB 1.1, USB 1.0
- Capable of charging your iPhone / iPod and data HotSync
- Sleek Surface
- Good hand feel

Colors Available:
- White

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- Length: 1 meter or 3.3 feet
- Connector 1: USB-A Male (Plug)
- Connector 1: USB-A Female (Jack)

Package Includes:

- USB Extension Cable (USB A Male to USB Female) x 1

- Polybag