Why you need a Lightning Extender Cable?

Posted by KS Ang on

Literally female Lightning on one end and male Lightning on other end?

Here are the answers:

- some Case manufacturers, due to the specific use, they will make ULTRA THICK (or ultra strong) Case, then the original lightning cable cannot reach to charge. This cable is made with ultra thin so you can do so.

- to extend the extension from that music dock to anywhere. You know, making your iPhone stand above on a small lightning connector could be dangerous over time!

- to reach a place that your original cable cannot reach. We have 3 different extender cables:10cm (4in), 1m (3.3ft) and 2m (6.6ft) to fit your specific use!

You may have a look at: usb-fever.

Product SKUs: UF003730, UF003406, UF003437, UF004978

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