Super Short L-Bend 90 degree Right Angle USB A to A Hard Drive Cable

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 We are talking a USB-A to USB-A, Super Short, Both 90 degree Right-Angled and in USB 3.0 Cable.



It is perfectly to use when you need to connect to an external hard disk. 


When you connect to a hard drive, you don't need a long cable, because mostly the hard drive will be just next to your laptop / notehook / desktop!





You need to keep the time short, and this one is in USB 3.0 spec.!

You need it to be friendly? Imagine a STRAIGHT cable, it can never keep the hard drive next to your hard drive, you need more space!

What's more?

This cable got 4 orientations, so you can select a right cable to have the upside your hard drive get upside!





It will be very useful if connect this cable to other funny device too. 

For details, please visit:


SKU: UF006348


Other similar cable from usbfever: UF005607, UF006337.






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