A good Cable for your External Hard Disk and Printer? (Right Angle USB 3.0 Type-B)

Posted by KS Ang on

If you have a lot of documents to transfer from your Printer + Scanner + Copier, then this High Speed USB 3.0 Type-B Cable will do a lot of help to you.

At the same time, you can use it to connect to your external hard drive too. Some Old type Hard Drive use USB 3.0 Type B as the connecting port. My Buffalo Hard Drive is using USB 3 B too. I guess WD will have some models using the same connector too.

Note, the USB-B side is a right angle connector, which sometime is very useful. A straight connector requires much more space than a right angle connector does.

Sometimes, you an accident pumping can make the data connection stops!

Therefore, a right angle USB-B cable is recommended.

Here we have this cable in 2 lengths. 0.5m (20in) and 1m (3.3ft)

You may click the link here then you will find them.

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