1 of the 3 most popular type of USB 3.0 cable used on an external hard drive!

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Here is another type of of Hard Disk Connection Cable mostly use.

In USB 3.0, there are 3 common types of connectors that an External Hard Disk Cable is used.

Here is one of: Micro USB (USB 3.0).

Sometime USB 3.0 Micro USB connector is also used on SLR Cameras!

As the UF003606 is an Right Angle USB cable, we even got 4 orientations for you to fit your unique use!

They are:
Left Right-Angle, Right Right-Angle, Up Right-Angle, Down Right-Angle!

Learn more at:

SKU: UF003606 (Right Angle) and UF002578 (Straight)



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